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Europe River Cruise Ships

Viking Europe River Cruise Ship Profiles, Deck Plans and Public Areas

Throughout decades of sailing the world's great rivers, Viking River Cruises has repeatedly reinvented the European river cruise vessel. By continuously building upon the tradition of innovation they have set industry standards and delighted their guests. And with the introduction of the Viking Longships in 2012, they have done it all over again.

Europe is a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern. Enjoy the timeless beauty and grace of the Old World with European River Cruise along the Rhine, the Main, the Danube, the Seine, the Elbe, the Duoro, the Saone and the Rhône River. Viking River Cruises in Europe provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience along these great waterways.

Europe River Cruises

Viking Lonships

Viking Longships

The Viking Longships of Viking River Cruises offer guests unprecedented levels of comfort, including full verandas and the largest suites on the rivers of Europe. Viking Longships travel through the Rhine, Danube, Main, Elbe rivers & more.

Douro River Cruises

Douro River Cruise Ships

Douro River Cruise Ships

These intimate ships were custom built to sail Portugal's Douro River with deluxe accommodations and streamlined Scandinavian interiors. Like the Viking Longships, you can choose from a variety of stateroom classes, all with sweeping river views.

Ships include: Viking Hemming • Viking Torgil • Viking Osfrid

Elbe River Cruise

Elbe River Cruise Ships

Elbe River Cruise Ships

With customized hulls and engines, Viking Elbe Ships are specially built to navigate the historic Elbe river. Boastingstate-of-the art engineering and streamlined interiors, these classic, intimate ships feature deluxe accommodations.

Ships include: Viking Astrild • Viking Beyla