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About Luxury River Cruises

River Cruises provide an exceptional vacation experience. Your ship, in all of its relaxed luxury, will transport you through bustling cities, quaint villages and beautiful landscapes. One of the best things about a river cruise is that they dock right in the center of each destination placing you right in the heart of it all. Explore on your own or participate in one of the many small group excursions available. Most river cruises offer a complimentary excursion in each port on your itinerary.

Smaller than ocean vessels, river cruise ships typically accommodate a maximum of 200 guests. This intimate size provides the ideal setting for a truly personalized journey. Staterooms are spacious and feature comfortable, innovative and luxurious amenities. Floor to ceiling windows or French balconies allow for spectacular views and some cabins showcase full balconies.

Dining onboard these gorgeous ships is a culinary journey that will encompass all of your senses. River cruises offer gourmet menus often made with the freshest, locally sourced, ingredients. Culinary masterpieces highlight the many traditional specialties in each region often paired with a variety of local wines.

River cruises sail on some of the world's most storied waterways. Travel in relaxed luxury along the Elbe, Rhine, Danube, Rhône, Seine, Douro, Po, Volga and other European Rivers. Sail through mystical Asia on the Yangtze, Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. Glide along the Nile and Chobe Rivers through destinations in Africa, many people only dream of visiting.

River Cruises by Destination

Europe River Cruises

Sail through the heart of Europe's iconic cities, quaint towns, sleepy villages and past breathtaking landscapes on one of the many thrilling European River Cruises. Each day a different destination will come to life as you explore its historic monuments, taste local specialties and learn about its people and unique traditions.

The beauty of Europe unfolds before you on its many waterways. Sip a glass of local wine as you sail through France on the Seine or the Rhône Rivers. Delight at the spectacular colors and beauty of Holland's tulips in the spring on a Dutch Waterways cruise. Experience the rich history of Portugal on the Douro River. Spectacular castles and vineyards dot the landscape and welcome guests on a Rhine or Danube River cruise. Visit the bright jewels of Europe on a Grand River Cruise.

Europe River Map

Asia River Cruises

A mystical world awaits you on an Asia River Cruise. Adventurers have the opportunity to get acquainted with cosmopolitan cities, delicate flavors, fascinating scents and verdant beauty on these exceptional voyages. Explore modern metropolises, ancient temples, diverse regions, and traditional Asian cultures and customs.

Sail down the Yangtze River and visit the awe-inspiring Great Wall, Beijing's Forbidden City and the famous Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi'an. Ply the waters of the Mekong and discover Angkor Wat, Bangkok and other historically prominent cities and villages in Cambodia and Vietnam. Delve deeper into Southeast Asia with a cruise in Myanmar along the Irrawaddy River. Ancient monasteries, scenic villages and more beckon to guests as you uncover this region's incredible history before arriving in the great city of Mandalay.

Asia River Map

Africa River Cruises

Travel to dream destinations along the Nile and Chobe Rivers on an African River Cruise. Follow in the footsteps of the Pharaohs along the Nile River where you will seemingly be transported back in time thousands of years as you explore all of the wonders found throughout fertile valleys and desert sands. Discover for yourself the pyramids, the Sphinx and the glorious temples of Karnak and Luxor.

In southern Africa a number of itineraries combine the luxury cruise experience with spectacular safaris. The elegant Zambezi Queen will be your guide as you sail on the Chobe River and tour southern Africa. Additional options include camp safaris, cultural activities, trips to Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls and even the Serengeti in Kenya. Stay alert, with multiple game viewing opportunities you may just capture photos of all of the "Big Five".

Africa River Map

South America River Cruises

Very few journeys can compare to an Amazon River Cruise. Begin your adventure in the city of Lima and explore Peru's fascinating history and colonial architecture. Next travel high into the Andes mountains to tour Cusco, the Sacred Valley and the breathtaking city of Machu Picchu. Also known as the "Lost City of the Incas", Machu Picchu is an awe-inspiring and spiritual place.

Your tour of the Peruvian Amazon begins in Iquitos. Fed by a vast network of tributaries, the Amazon river is home to some of the most isolated communities in the world in addition to one of the greatest diverse populations of wildlife. During your cruise vacation, you'll have the rare opportunity to interact with locals living in the villages along the Amazon River, going about their daily life as if time has stood still for centuries.

South America River Map
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