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Dining Onboard Windstar Cruises

One of the elements that distinguish Windstar Cruises from other luxury cruise lines is the classic resort environment actualized onboard. Glance around The Restaurant and you will see people dressed beautifully, yet casually. No jackets or ties required. The attitude is understated, the feeling relaxed. Dining onboard is a celebration of that very same individual spirit. When, and with whom, you dine is your choice as there are no formal reservations or table assignments. Windstar's extensive wine list has been designed to complement their menus and tantalize your senses. Partake in the flavors of regional vineyards while you are sailing.


Get breakfast how you want it at Veranda - al fresco, full service or at the expansive buffet. The lunch menu has many options to keep you excited and charged up during your vacation on a Windstar cruise.

Deck BBQ

Guests of all backgrounds love the Deck BBQ special dining event. Your Windstar crew will cook up your BBQ favorites as you take in 360 degree of spectacular views. You won’t have to guess the location as the intoxicating smell tends to tease its way around the ship. After your meal enjoy live entertainment and music to keep the energy high.


AmphorA is your main dining room on a Windstar cruise. Open seating brings an added convenience as talented chefs deliver the meal of your dreams. Each dish is made just for you and the menu is constantly updated to reflect the season and availability of ingredients. These multi-course meals are very thoughtfully paired with excellent wines to round out the meal.


This outdoor venue serves up delicious food as you bask in your beautiful surroundings. Crew members will offer up targeted wine pairings as you enjoy your meal and enjoy the view. Guests continually call Candles the most romantic spot on any Windstar Cruise.

Stella Bistro

Whether you choose the convenience of counter dining or table service, contemporary French Café inspired meals will thrill your palate. Soothing colors and comfortable seating enhance your dining experience. This alternative dining venue has the perfect entrée accompaniments including wines paired to your meal and decadent desserts to top off dinner.

Room Service

The room service option is wonderful and complimentary. If you’ve spent a long day participating in water sports off the stern of the ship or want to begin your day at a leisurely pace choose from either the room service menu or AmphorA menu, perhaps even both. Have a romantic evening in and enjoy food freshly made and delivered direct to your stateroom.

*Additional fee applies.

All menus and dining times are subject to change without notice. Some venues are only available on select ships.

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