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World Cruises

There is nothing as life-changing as traveling the world, and no travelers who are as special as those who make that journey. Here are the most extraordinary itineraries offered by only a select number of cruise lines. Each World Cruise and World Cruise Segments are waiting to be explored.

Luxury World Cruises

Crystal Serenity World Cruise

Crystal Serenity World Cruises offer several destination-rich voyages with individual journeys.

Queen Elizabeth World Cruises

Experience the Far East aboard Queen Elizabeth's World Cruise. Stay overnight in five legendary cities around the world including Singapore, Sydney and Dubai.

Queen Mary 2 World Cruises

Imagine three months onboard Cunard's Queen Mary II World Cruise, dining and dancing in distinctive Cunard style, awaking each glorious morning to a new day of adventure and exploration.

Queen Victoria World Cruises

Destinations are an integral part of a world voyage. Build some fabulous memories as you experience an amazing range of exotic destinations aboard Queen Victoria's World Cruise.

Regent Voyager World Cruises

Regent has become known as the leader in luxury world cruising. A Seven Seas Voyager World Cruise is that rare journey that offers an adventure across the hemispheres.