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Many luxury cruise lines offer theme cruises designed for the connoisseur, the adventurer, or the artist in you. In love with wine or can't wait for your next culinary adventure? Experience a theme cruise showcasing wine or one that highlights cuisine giving you the pleasure of a variety of culinary delights. Sail from destination to destination around the world all while enjoying unique experiences as you sample local culinary dishes and enjoy the tastings of fine wines.

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Specialty Theme Cruises

Culinary Cruises

A Culinary Cruise is the perfect way to combine ones love for travel and fine food into one incredible cruise experience. For those with the love of cooking and dining, a big part of the cruise experience is to sample local dishes and taste local wines. A Culinary Cruise offers that and so much more. Often on a Culinary Cruise celebrity chefs demonstrate their techniques, share their menus and let you participate in the process. Imagine taking a tour of a local market with a culinary expert! Culinary cruises take immersion into a local destination to a new level.

Wine Cruises

Thinking of an exciting and unique experience for your vacation? Does the notion of a perfect glass of Trebbiano make you tingle? Does a nouvelle Beaujolais conjure up images of the French countryside? Does your dream trip include the wine estates of Bordeaux? Imagine cruising to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world on an incredible luxury ship with endless amenities, including diverse specialty wines. On a Wine Cruise you can sample a variety of wines, visit local vineyards, and learn about wines from wine experts. So 'follow your nose' and book one of these great wine adventure cruises!