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Wind Star

Sailing on the Wind Star is an unparalleled experience. The ship is intimate and the rewards immense. Anticipate the splendor of the moment you anchor at hidden coves known only to other yachters, or delight in the knowledge that you are one of the few tourists in port. Take all the time in the world to relax, revitalize, and restore your senses. As one of only 148 privileged guests, sailing on the Wind Star is like being on your own private yacht.

Enjoy exceptional cuisine in the company of old (or new) friends, and look forward to a restful night's sleep in rich accommodations. You will find that day-to-day schedules and routines simply don't apply. Go where the wind takes you and set your own course for adventure or repose. When the sails billow and the anchor lifts, you can feel your own internal compass shift with the wind. That's the Wind Star experience.

Registry: Bahamas
Occupancy: 148
Tonnage: 5,350
Length: 440 ft
Beam: 64 ft
Cruise Speed: 8 knots
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Wind Star Itineraries

With her impressive masts and sails, the Wind Star offers a truly different luxury cruise experience. Sailing to some of the smaller ports in the Mediterranean, Central America, and through the Panama Canal travelers get to see many unique destinations. Visit the pristine rain forests and glorious palm-fringed beaches of Costa Rica close up and first hand. Discover the colors of happiness in the Caribbean. Explore the legendary ports of call in the Aegean Sea.

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