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Viking River Cruises boasts the most extensive fleet of river cruise vessels and offer you the best ships in each region where they travel. Viking ships are specially designed to navigate the world's great rivers and provide convenient daily access to diverse destinations and experiences. Enjoy all the comfort and elegance of river cruising: attentive and professional staff, delicious onboard cuisine and spectacular scenery from every stateroom and public area.

Viking River Cruises offers deluxe river cruises throughout most of the European rivers as well as offering itineraries throughout Russia and the Ukraine, Asia and Egypt. This vast range of itineraries provide an in-depth opportunity to explore these destinations and to learn about the cultures, histories and insights that make these destinations so interesting.

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Viking River Cruise Destinations

Asia River Cruise Ships

Sail the Yangtze River on the spectacular, and elegant Viking Emerald, Viking Mandalay and Viking Mekong. Travel on the fabled Mekong River aboard the charming RV Indochina. Asia is a fascinating juxtaposition of the past, present and future. See China's highlights on a deluxe Yangtze River cruise — or visit Vietnam and Cambodia on the Mekong River.

Egypt River Cruise Ships

Viking is proud to partner with the very best hosts to provide deluxe cruising in Egypt. An impossibly ancient civilization, Egypt offers legendary pyramids, monumental statuary, temples unearthed from the dry desert sands and pharaonic treasures as you sail along the Nile River. Enjoy Royal Lotus, Royal Lily and Prince Abbas.

Europe River Cruise Ships

Deluxe river cruising vessels, including the fabulous new Viking Longships in 2012 await you as you embark on a Viking River Cruise to Europe. Journey to the birthplace of Western civilization — travel along the Rhine, Danube, Seine, Elbe and other great European rivers to experience its long history and its flourishing contemporary culture.

Russia River Cruise Ships

Sail through Russia or Ukraine on the very best ships in the region — like the dramatically upgraded Viking Surkov, Viking Kirov and Viking Pakhomov. Russia is one of the world's most intriguing places. Visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, and enjoy a Volga cruise. Or, experience Ukraine along the scenic Dnieper between Kiev and Odessa.