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SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises

SeaDrream Yacht Club Cruises
Main Salon aboard SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises

A voyage on one of the SeaDream Yacht Club vessels is an experience unrivaled by any other. Enjoy what is not simply a cruise but the ultimate yachting experience aboard SeaDream, whose luxury cruises top World's Best lists in Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, and Berlitz. A passage on one of these sleek mega yachts is comprised of personal choice and extraordinary service.

With a maximum of 112 guests and a crew of 95, the Sea Goddess I and Sea Goddess II provide exceptional service and cuisine. All staterooms and suites are elegantly appointed with luxurious amenities including the finest Belgian linens and bedding in addition to Bvlgari bath products. Dining aboard SeaDream is an epicurean adventure for the senses. Whether you select dining in the elegantly appointed Dining Salon or Al Fresco, all guests enjoy open seating dining and award-winning service. SeaDream's Sommeliers serve complimentary wines at both lunch and dinner.

SeaDream offers guests the luxury of yacht cruises to the colorful Caribbean, to the magical Mediterannean, and to the mystical Greek Islands. Take advantage of your yacht's Marina and play with the water toys available for your pleasure. One of their unique experiences is the Champagne and Caviar Splash™ where guests and crew celebrate with flowing champagne toasts and caviar served shore side followed by a delectable beach barbecue, elegantly served on china. Aboard SeaDream you can enjoy an unstructured holiday at sea doing what you please, making it easy to imagine your ship really is a private yacht.

EXCLUSIVE SeaDream Yacht Club Cruise Deals

5 Days
Sea Dream I
Roundtrip Nice
May 25, 2017

4 Days
Sea Dream II
Roundtrip San Juan
Nov 21, 2017

7 Days
Sea Dream I
Roundtrip Venice/Italy
Jul 8, 2017

SeaDream Yacht Club Highlights


SeaDream explores many unique ports that larger ships simply cannot reach. These itineraries are one of the features that make a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise so unique. These intriguing ports allow guests to experience the charm, local customs and beautiful beaches that have not been tarnished by the larger and more crowded port cities.

Exceptional Service

From the moment you step on board you feel you are being welcomed onto your own private luxury yacht. With only 112 guests and an award-winning crew of 95 all guests, SeaDream’s 5-star service will exceed all expectations and provide a truly memorable cruise experience.


A SeaDream Cruise invites romance. The intimate 112 passenger ships are the perfect option for a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary and romantic getaway. Special wedding, honeymoon and anniversary packages are available to celebrate these very special occasions.

Onboard Marina

The onboard marina is a very unique feature of the SeaDream Yachts. The Marina’s “water toys are complimentary and allow guests to truly experience the yachting lifestyle.